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Dobinsons 4×4 40 Liter 12V Portable Fridge Freezer with FREE insulating cover


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This 40 Liter (42 QT)Portable Fridge Freezer utilizes the highest quality Danfoss BD-35F Compressor, producing maximum cooling efficiency with minimal power drain, also incorporating a 3 stage low voltage cut-off battery protection with auto restart feature. Dobinsons 40L 50L Fridge Manual With a cooling capacity of -15°C (5°F), it can be used as a fridge or freezer, depending what temperature you set it to from the Digital Control Panel. This model features removable heavy duty handles (convenient when installed in tight compartments such as camper trailers, or when installed on a fridge slide), internal light, removable fridge basket for easy loading and unloading, and a high quality ABS plastic body to help withstand dents, rust, and corrosion. The Dobinsons 4×4 Fridge Freezer is perfect for camping, road trips, sports events, fishing and boating, parties at home, mancaves, garages, workshops, and for use during inclement weather, as it can run off separate battery power, keeping perishable foods in good condition. The amount of use you and your family can get out of this fridge is endless. While grocery shopping, place all of your cold/frozen goods inside so they don’t start to spoil. When camping, going for a picnic, or on road trips, take food and drinks from your home fridge, and return the unused portions to your home fridge when you return, as they won’t be soaking in melted ice, or spoiled from not being kept cold enough. This 40L fridge has the capacity to hold 62 x 12 oz cans, over 5 cases of 12 cans per case. Dobinsons 4×4 also has additional accessories to suit this product, including the FF80-3941 Fridge/Freezer Protector Bag, FF80-3945K Fridge Strap Kit, and FF80-3944 Fridge Slide to suit any brand of 30 to 50 Liter fridges. Dobinsons 4×4 Fridge Freezers have a 5 year warranty on the motor and a 1 year warranty on all other parts against faulty manufacture.

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