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Dobinsons Rear Bumper With Swing Outs for Lexus GX460 and Prado 150


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Dobinsons Spring & Suspension USA are introducing these new Aussie-style rear bumpers to the US market for the Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus lineup. All bumpers offer the same features, and are sold as complete kits. The tire carrier and jerry can holder must stay on the side pictured, they’re not interchangeable.  If you don’t want to install them you don’t have to, as each spindle comes with a cover, but all the parts will still be included. Product Features: • Modern LED crystal park, indicator and reverse lights. All only work on 12V • Does not include the jerry can • Jerry can holder is on the left, and tire carrier is on the right for all models • User friendly latch mechanics lock in stainless steel • Adjustable offset tire carrier head, suitable up to a 35″ tire • Double-reinforced spindle, welded to the top, inside, and lower corner of the bumper for maximum strength • 4 Hi-lift jacking points, making lifting the vehicle easy for changing a tire • Aluminum checker plate with non-slip step • High quality standard black powder coat finish • All of Dobinson’s rear bumpers work around aftermarket or factory tow hitches • Requires trimming of lower rear quarter panel, where plastic bumper cover meets metal rear bumper wings.  Does not require any frame modifications • Range includes Land Cruiser 60, 70, 80, 100, 200, Prado 150 series (Lexus GX460).

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