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PowerGRID™ Portable Power System


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The Overland Solar PowerGRID is a self contained 35amp hour power supply designed to work with any of our portable power systems.

The design addresses some key issues our customers have with other existing solutions, as well as our own.

Our requirements were:

  • Rugged case and operable in any position.
  • Field repairable. You can switch the battery out with normal tools or adjust the configuration with an allen wrench.
  • Contain universal adapters for input and output including mini-anderson power poles for bare wire connections and HAM radio.
  • Must be able to power a refrigerator using a single Bugout 120 Solar Kit indefinitely, in most conditions.
  • Be cost-effective and upgradeable.

In short, this is an upgraded system you’ve seen us using to power our booth at shows. We are proud that all of our employees agreed that this is THE solution for Overlanding, HAM Radio contesting, family camping or boating, and scientific exploration.


  • Solid State MPPT Solar Controller (10 Amp)
  • 35 Amp Hour Centennial AGM Battery
  • 3.0 USB Dual Outlet for fast charging
  • Dual Mini Anderson Outlets
  • Voltage Display
  • 12 Volt Outlet
  • 12 Volt Input with Car Adapter
  • SAE Solar Input

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