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Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent


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THIS PRODUCT SHIPS TRUCK FREIGHT What is the Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent? The Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent is a hard-shell tent that fits onto any vehicle or SUV. The tent is manufactured from the best quality extruded aluminum and no bolts or pop-rivets are used in the structure which means no potential leaks. We found that by welding the aluminum parts together the life of the tent is prolonged. Because we are using extrusions, we do not use hinges as we designed the extrusions in a matter where the two extrusions fit snuggly into each other and swivel within one another, which means that the weight of the top is distributed evenly across the width of the tent. The tent itself is manufactured by the best quality canvas. The Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent has an awning on all sides of the tent to prevent rain and dew from dripping on the tent and it gives more shade to keep the tent cooler inside. The tent takes seconds to pitch and 40kg can be loaded on the tent roof. The bedding can be kept in the tent as it has enough space even when in traveling mode to accommodate your bedding. Features a 12v outlet and include 2x USB ports with an interior light, convenience / storage bags situated in tent ceiling. Two tone powder coated finish on the outside for a great look. Anti-slip telescopic ladder included with a safety bracket that secures ladder in place. The matrass is high density foam with a 15mm insolation layer under the matrass as well as a high-density insolation in the roof. The Quick Pitch RTT will become your sleeping cocoon away from home.




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