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QuickPitch spare tire cargo mount


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What is the Quick Pitch Cargo Mount? The Wheel Cargo Mount was designed to utilize the spare wheel on each and every vehicle with a rear mounted spare wheel. With the Wheel Cargo Mounts design you are now able to mount accessories to your rear mounted spare wheel. The 2 vertical load bars with M8 slots can be used to mount these accessories to the Wheel Cargo Mount. The light aluminium frame is strong enough to handle any obstacle. When the spare wheel is needed you loosen 2 M8 bolts and a strap to access your spare wheel. This design make it easy to access the spare wheel. This Wheel Cargo Mount gives you that extra packing space all 4×4 enthusiasts and overlanders need. This bracket is fully adjustable in width and height to fit any tyre inflated or deflated, and can be used only with the top bracket excluding bottom bracket in some SUV cases. Weighing in at only 7 kg it won’t laden the spare wheel mount structure at all. Another invention from Quick Pitch SA.

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